Dorks, Damsels, Daggers, Dragons and Other Dangers

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"You engage the Smelly Ghost and its cohort!"
It’s the trashcan monsters of Threed from the game Earthbound. The musty fellow on the right is the ‘Putrid Moldyman.’

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Milky Way over The Three Sisters, AB [2000x3000] [OC]


The Legend of Zelda & Mario 64

by Vincent Bisschop

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More badass eeveelutions… and just in time to celebrate the original post getting 10k notes! Not only that, thanks to thethreehares the original has finally wrapped all the way around to my dashboard… my lil’ baby’s all growed up ;w;

If you like ‘em please consider purchasing some prints from my storenvy, I would be most appreciative ;w; Thanks tumblr!

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